21 Apr 2016

Fierce Lament: April 14- May 14

Fierce Lament at Form + Content Gallery

An exhibition featuring the work of 12 artists responding to issues of environmental stewardship, global climate change, and the human relationship with nature. Curated by Camille J. Gage

Opening reception on Earth Day: April 22, 2016 – 6 to 9 PM

Poetry reading May 12

Exhibition runs April 14 through May 14


When all journeys lead to the same island


Digital Projection


When all journeys lead to the same island, it’s time to generate tools to “cross the threshold” by leaving the “ordinary reality”. New patterns and representation of each journey are already transformed as lived story and now a challenged new slate. There is a period of “arriving” as the new beginning, because we have to switch serious gears so that there’s no distraction and no numbing yourself out, really let that go quiet. A loop of such “arriving rituals” as the projection montage explores experiences, pace, and complexity of the “new now” through real time captured digital evidence.


: Meena Mangalvedhekar